💪 1.0.18

New 5 months ago

New features :

  • Users are now notified of update through the notification system (probably why you're here ! ;) )
  • We did a complete rework of our subscriptions & payment handling
  • For free users : no changes for you.
  • For paid users : we're in the process of integrating our new payment system to the current Stripe subscriptions. Once the migration is done (hopefully by this week), everything should be transparent for you and you will be able to upgrade/downgrade your plan through the new system.
  • You can now signup & login through Google & Linkedin accounts
  • We now have a live chat widget. Don't hesitate to come chat with us or leave a message if we're absent ! :) (note : it replaces the old feedback widget, now considered obsolete)

Feature improvements :

  • Better display on large screens
  • We have improved our backlink processing speed, meaning they should be processed faster than before when you add them.

Bug fixes :

  • Fixing a bug where backlink was not updated on some edge case with DOM Detailer integration
  • URL parameters are now longer removed from added backlinks when using the UI